How to Make the Perfect Bacon Sandwich The Way it Should Be

Learn to make the perfect bacon sandwich without compromise
Learn to make the perfect bacon sandwich without compromise

Christian Cable [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

So much can go wrong with a bacon sandwich. Many chefs have tried and failed, Many cooks have cried as their soggy oiled steeped concoctions lay half-eaten, rejected and lonely in a pool of oil. Let's face it, the bacon sandwich is hardly healthy, so if you are going to bust your diet you may well enjoy the calorie stuffing. Forget healthy BLT, BFC, BSS etc. Think Flavor, Fat, Fun, Stogy Stuff with Full Abandonment. Do it with Flare and per sash.

The Bacon

Forget fat trimmed, go for fatty smokey streaky bacon with rind on. Don't deny your guests the experience of pulling the rind string out of their mouths after the first bite. Always add 3-4 overlapped rashers on each sandwich that stick out a considerable distance each side. These ends become spring boards for black or red sauce to leap off, do seven backflips with splutters and land with a splat and splish on crispy white shirts, blouses and ties.

The Bread

Forget healthy kibble wheat and whole wheat stuff and silly buns and rolls. Choose fresh soft white, fluffy bread with a medium density crust.

Controlling and soaking up the sauce and oily fat is the the main roll of the bread which encapsulates the bacon. That is its role. Don't let a poor bread choice ruin the experience by allowing all the goodness of the sauce and fat to drip out. Choose a bread that will soak up the juices in microseconds. The bread should always be wet - never dry and hard as you eat your bacon sandwich.

The Sauce

Choose black, red, yellow, brown or purple stuff - full of salt, smoke residues and artificial flavors. Don't skimp on the sauce. Don't use insipid 'wet behind the ears' choices and feeble excuses for sauce choices. Use the real thing. the good stuff. A good sauce should create a mushroom cloud emanating from both ears as you take the first bite. Live like a hippie for here and now, forget the radiation and after burn - add piles of sauce to embellish the bacon and bread.